Types Of Prints On The Fabric

On various fabrics, you see different types of creative prints made with designs using colors and dyes when the final process of fabric is completed. Printing is all about colors to the fabric of whatever pattern you desire. There are prints which may look natural and more appealing.

The print which is ethnic or looks more traditional is given a name of classical print. It is used since the old time when everything used to be according to tradition. When people used to respect their cultures and this way they considered it representing it on various items. The most common thing they used for showing their creativity was the clothing style. The prints used to be classical with collections of mangoes, elephants or the musical instruments. Tie and dye was also a technique for the attraction of people. This technique is still practiced in various countries. The varieties of flowers are found in a bunch or in separate. These are called floral prints. A huge flower or small flowers combined together make the print look more beautiful. In this case, things like color combination should be handled with care. There are striped prints which make the print look classy. These striped prints are categorized into zigzag, diagonal, vertical, spiral, horizontal, curved and many more. These prints when further detailed give a design of check prints. The horizontal and vertical lines places at 90-degree angle when intercrossed make this print. The check prints also have types. Madras and Bombay are quite known ones. Furthermore, when many dots are combined together at equal distance create a pattern which looks amazing. This design of print comes with various colors and the sizes of the dots may vary. Most common ones are polka dots. Geometrical prints are the ones which have different shapes aligned with proper shaping. For these, geometrical instruments may be used. Color combination is not prescribed with this type of print. In most of the Egyptian dresses, a directional print is observed. This can be seen when simple vertical or horizontal lines are printed on the fabric in a single direction. Designs of the same prints as the background colors are said to be self-prints. One of the examples for this is rubber prints. For children and teenagers, a bit of fancy prints are commonly used. This can take place when prints are copied from the computer or videogames. These computerized prints are quite accurate when the detailing is observed. Natural things can also be seen in the category of prints such as that of forests or animals. Importance to the skin texture or the footprints of animals can be used. At KENNARD & KENNARD, prints of birds are also available on the fabric. They are one of the stockists of Lewis and Irene. If you are looking for specific fabric from Kennard & Kennard, just visit this https://www.kkfabrics.com.au/ 

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